Erma Franklin: Piece of My Heart

Erma Franklin Isn’t Just Aretha’s Older Sister

During a recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the hostess asked Erma Franklin, “What is it like to be the sister of Aretha?” Before Erma could answer, her sister, Aretha interjected, “Erma is her own woman!” “Her Own Woman” could be the title of Erma Vernice Franklin’s biography. It seems that, through the years, the eldest daughter of The […]

Erma Franklin – ‘Soul Sister’ (1969)

Some sibling musicians live in the shadow of their siblings (Chris Jagger, Andy Yorke), others carve their own path (Solange) or are collaborators (HAIM, Allman Brothers). Erma Franklin is a bit of all those things. Erma Franklin’s story is one of great music, but also false starts and bad luck. She started singing in her father’s church in Detroit, along […]